"What kind of pet do you want to raise?"
"a woman ㅎㅎㅎ"

There are so many fans shielding him f*ck I wish this was just a troll
I seriously wish this is a lie, no but how can someone bare with these thoughts?ㅋㅋㅋ It's not any controversies, but aside from societal issues, isn't this a huge controversy?

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1. [+84, 6]
There's a member called New who's the same as Kim Sunwoo
> Huh? Why do you disregard Choi Chanhee who talked about women breasts and had underage drinking?
> Yah what did New's Ask have to do with this f*ck? I'm not saying you shouldn't bash celebrities... But his was just funny:
Q: Your real life visuals are ugly > F*ck what do you know?
Q: When I look at you, I think of an orange, I want to strip you down > and you look like a tomato, because I hate them
Q: Why are you alive? > Yet you're alive, why shouldn't I?
Q: Your skin looks good, you look like Taemin > I don't know who that is but it's pretentious.
F*ck aren't they so funny?
> But New was caught evaluating and judging women's breasts and was even seen with a woman alone, that's why he's getting sworn on his Ask... He's so so

2. [+66, -8]
The bermuda line (Younghoon, Hyunjae and Jooyeon) is so wasted here. Especially Hyunjae, he's such a good singer and dancer... To be honest, I'm not a fan but I got interested in them so I often look for the bermuda line's content, but I don't understand why those 3 are always buried behind. Q is also a stan attractor and dances well, but having a drinking controversy right off the debut is a bit..

3. [+51, -125]
We all know about it already, there are already fans who quit the fandom, but he's doing well now so he has a lot of fans, he's good at doing his job and he treats the fans well, that's all I need

4. [+44, -0]
I got goosebumps when I saw this. He said that his ideal type was a hopeless woman... He was still in middle school but how can he think of something like this? All the replies were just saying stuff like "Why are his personalities like that?" I seriously got so much goosebumps when I saw his answers

5. [+38, -1]
Yah their faces are seriously legendary but because of their controversies, they ruined so many things for themselves..

6. [+25, -3]
He treats the fans well? That Sunwoo guy is always showing off his pets everyday in his "Sunwoo's day"? but his Ask blew up but he never apologized once, and remained quiet. He's just cosplaying his love for the fansㅋㅋ  I know it because I used to be his fan

7. [+24, -7]
You guys think that this is why failed idols can't hit big? What bullsh*t you would almost think that A-list idols are cleanㅋㅋ


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